I. Data and Survey Instruments

Below are links to original survey instruments that I have helped to field, either as a contributor or a principal investigator.  Several of the instruments contain original items designed to assess Latino political attitudes, covering topics on policy preferences, the effects of ethnic filters, attitudes towards the Supreme Court, and the connection between immigration policy and health policy.

1. Latino Decisions 100 Days After Obama Inauguration
Survey Instrument

2. 2010 Cooperative Congressional Election Study: TAMU/Osh Kosh-Wisconsin/Wake Forest University
With James S. Krueger and Betina Wilkinson
Survey Instrument

3. 2010 Latino Decisions – October Tracking Poll
Survey Instrument

4. 2008 Washington Poll
Survey Instrument

5. 2010 Washington Poll
Survey Instrument

6. 2011 Cooperative Congressional Election Study: TAMU/Osh Kosh-Wisconsin
Survey Instrument

7. 2012 Latinos and the Supreme Court – May-June: Prior to decisions in United States v. Arizona and National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebilius
Survey Instrument

8. 2012 Latinos and the Supreme Court – July: After decisions in United States v. Arizona and National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebilius
Survey Instrument

9. 2015 Ethnic Filters Experiment (GfK)
Survey Instrument

10. 2015 Latino National Health and Immigration Survey
Survey Instrument

II. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Interoperability Reports

As part of the historical shift in immigration enforcement away from the U.S.-Mexico border and towards the interior, the federal government developed a cooperative initiative with local police called the Secure Communities Program.  The Secure Communities program is the core operation of all interior-oriented programs directed by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  The Bureau of ICE has a dedicated webpage for Secure Communities where they post updated interoperability reports that contain nation-wide, state-wide, and county-level performance metrics for the Secure Communities Program.  However, old reports are not archived on the ICE website.  The program is now called the Priority Enforcement Program, however, it retains essentially the same structure and continues to collect the same performance metrics.

Secure Community Nov 2009
Secure Community Jun 2010
Secure Community Aug 2010
Secure Community Oct 2010
Secure Community Nov 2010
Secure Community Feb 2011
Secure Community Apr 2011
Secure Community Jun 2011
Secure Community Sep 2011
Secure Community Jan 2012
Secure Community Feb 2012
Secure Community Aug 2012
Secure Community Sep 2012
Secure Community Dec 2012
Secure Community Jan 2013
Secure Community Mar 2013
Secure Community May 2013
Secure Community Sep 2013
Secure Community Nov 2013
Secure Community Mar 2014
Secure Community Jul 2014
Secure Community Aug 2014
Secure Community Sep 2014
Secure Community Dec 2014